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We share more than etymology.


May 23, 2005
I am not an immoral woman, but I am a woman of great wanderlust. I am not defined by what makes me come: I am defined by motion. You will tell me to stop, again and again, and I will always reply, "oh love, even for Newton I won't."

And you will know to smile then and say, "oh, but don't you know, Isabella, the world is round." I know, I know. And you can expect me back soon; I have always told you that in the end, I will always come home again.

The word artifice comes from the Latin words ars for "art" and facere, "to fashion". When you ask me how much here is my truth, I will tell you that the whole of it is artifice, for it is art and it is fashioned out of my essence, carved from one of my ribs.

Sometimes you look at a photograph and you sense it in a completely different way. That’s what happened with a shot I took in the bathroom of my apartment in Lima one morning. I saw it and thought, “flamenco”. I can’t really explain it beyond that, but it touches on a lot of themes I’ve been experiencing. First and foremost, it deals with Spanish culture and my rediscovery of my heritage in returning to my native Peru.

Its also a nod to an old layout I developed three years ago called “The Metamorphosis” that used to feature a woman holding her flamenco skirt open like wings. This stage of my life is defined by change, yet it is not an open-arm change as it was three years ago. This change is much more internal and grounded, hence the position of the subject. She’s not so open, but she’s not hiding, either: she’s naked, which signifies an openness, albeit one that is more private, more her own.

The journal page in feature in the background is a celebration of journaling, something I continue to do regardless of whether I post or not. The journal defines the woman, but it is the woman who holds the pen. It is the woman who dances.

The design has been reworked to work with the image, but I cannot take credit for more than a few simple edits. The essence is that of Eris, through and through. Eris Designs' Template Generator has been providing standards-compliant templates to the blogging community since October 2003 and is, without a doubt, one of the best out there.

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